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Helping injured riders since 2012. 

Our History


On June 29, 2012, Glenn Lyth was in a nearly fatal motorcycle accident on Deerfoot Trail. His daughter, Ashlee Atkin, was following closely behind and witnessed the event. He was in serious condition, hospitalized for three months and had a long road of recovery and rehab ahead of him. The family was faced with many unexpected expenses that this accident had brought into their lives.

As a result of these circumstances, Ashlee and her close friend, Elizabeth Cloutier, became inspired to gather their friends in the motorcycle community and organize a ride to raise money to help the Lyth family during this difficult time. On September 15, 2012, they held what was to become the First Annual One Broken Biker Poker Run. With the overwhelming support and success of this event, and the realization that there were many others out there in the same situation as the Lyth family, One Broken Biker was born. 

In short, Ashlee’s father, Glenn, unknowingly inspired the birth of One Broken Biker. He is the reason we are helping other injured riders and families in their time of need. Thankfully, Glenn is backing riding and we are all very honored to be able to ride by his side. His endurance to overcome this accident has given us all inspiration to take that same strength and go forth and empower others.

Thank you to everyone who has supported One Broken Biker and have helped it to grow into the organization it is today. Because of you, our arms have been able to stretch even further and help more riders each and every year.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

From all of us at OBB – Ride On!

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