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One Broken Biker is a Non Profit organization with a dedicated team of board members who have a passion for the motorcycle community. Not all of them may be bikers themselves, but their enthusiasm and commitment to helping others makes them a perfect fit for their roles. They offer more than just volunteer hours - they leverage their love of the motorcycle community to make a difference.

Ashlee Taylor

President & Founder

Meet Ashlee Taylor, the dedicated Founder and President of One Broken Biker (OBB). Her journey with OBB began in 2012, prompted by a tragic motorcycle accident involving her father. Fueled by a deep sense of purpose and unwavering determination, she has tirelessly worked on expanding this organization over the years.

Ashlee wholeheartedly believes that OBB serves as the cornerstone for organizations like it, allowing direct and meaningful support to those who need it most. Her vision extends far beyond borders, as she dreams of OBB making a positive impact not only across Canada but eventually across the world.

For Ashlee, supporting injured bikers isn't just a cause; it's a part of who she is, a passion that runs through her veins. You can reach out to her at to connect and collaborate on this inspiring journey. 🏍️💙🌍

Stacey Bews

Vice President

Stacey was introduced to One Broken Biker when her husband took her to a bike night in 2016, where she said she wanted to help this organization in any way she can because of the work that was being done to help injured riders and how they bring all riders together for a common goal. 


She started volunteering in 2018, helping with Poker Runs and other events, then in 2019, Stacey became the Membership Volunteer Coordinator. 


“I fell in love with riding for a couple of reasons, one because of the empowerment it was giving myself and other women and because of the feeling of letting everything go when you get on your bike and ride wherever you feel like going on any given day.”
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the overall organization, please contact:


Amanda Wisniewski 

Treasurer & Injury Outreach Support

Amanda volunteered at the 2013 Fall Poker Run and has volunteered at every event since. She rides with her husband regularly and is also practicing to one day ride her own bike. She has been a part of the OBB Family since the beginning and is excited to now be a part of the Board Of Directors.

You can reach Amanda at:

Liza Yegorov


Shaine Isaac 

Injury Outreach Director

Shaine has been riding motorbikes since he was a kid, and on the roads since 1997.  Shaine discovered OBB on Facebook and thought it was just another group for old and broken riders.  After researching what OBB was and what they did for injured riders, he bought a membership, attended the windup party, and met a bunch of great fellow riders in 2019.  During the 2020 bike draw (online due to COVID) he discovered how many people worked behind the scenes to make OBB work.  He contacted OBB and volunteered to be on the injury outreach team. He has worked a season as the Alberta Outreach Team Leader and has now taken over from Amanda as the Injury Outreach Coordinator.  OBB wouldn’t be able to help riders without a great team of volunteers who contact and support the injured riders.


“I love that this is motorbikers supporting motorbikers.  The motorbike community has always been family to me, and it fills my heart to help those family members that are in need.” - Shaine.
You can reach out to Shaine -


Tanya Richens

Sponsorship Director

Tanya is relatively new to riding, getting her Class 6 and her first motorcycle in 2020, but she's already onto her second motorcycle and is loving every minute of it! As a foodie, she's happy to ride to small towns with her boyfriend to try new restaurants. Growing up riding ATC's, Tanya has always had an appreciation for safety, which is why working with OBB just made sense to her. Having built her career on coordinating, planning, and building relationships, Tanya is excited to use her connections and communication skills to expand OBB's network of sponsors and to bring more businesses into the OBB Perks Program. 

If you would like to support OBB with a donation, sponsorship, or would like to join the Perks Program please contact Tanya at


Dez Horwood 

Membership Director 

Dez is a native of the UK, but don't hold that against him. He has been riding various types of motorcycles since the age of 5. In the early years, it involved riding some highly customized mopeds on a friend's farm, and he learned the hard way, often falling off. Later, he obtained his UK license and transitioned from a sport bike to various cruisers.

Upon moving to Canada, his car license was easily swapped, but he had to retake the motorcycle test to ride here. He found the Canadian test much simpler than the UK's, merely comprising different sections within a parking lot with no road test. Since moving to Canada in 2005, Dez has enjoyed riding throughout Canada and the US. He mentions that the roads in North America are notably different from those in the UK, and he does miss the winding, twisting roads of his homeland in contrast to the flat, straight roads here.

Dez began attending One Broken Biker (OBB) events in 2020 and volunteered for the Battle of The Cities in 2022. In 2023, he took on the role of Membership Secretary. 

You can reach out to Dez regarding any membership issues at

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