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April 2016 - MotorcycleMojo Article  

Offering a helping hand when it’s needed the most

Story by Marcus Martellacci

Photos by Lexy Lyth, Yukonart


What would you risk for the freedom of riding the open road on two wheels? What would you be willing to give up for one more day in the wind? Perhaps these aren’t the thoughts that go through our minds each time the engine fires and the gloves go on, but there are times when every motorcyclist pauses to reflect. Sometimes the moment comes while we’re alone in our helmets or when surrounded by those we most enjoy being with on the road. The very act of exposing yourself to the elements, tearing headlong through their sensory stimuli is as much about feeling as it is doing. And when we pause to reflect on life’s great questions and the precious few answers our kind has stumbled upon, we inevitably come to the mortality of our predicament and the very un-philosophical question: What happens if I go down?

OBB at the 2016 Motorcycle Show 

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