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One Broken Biker Regional Team Outline

Our Mission
One Broken Biker (OBB) is a volunteer-based NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization that provides compassionate and financial support to injured riders and their immediate families following a motorcycle accident.
How We Support Our Mission
To help raise funds for our mission. One Broken Biker hosts multiple events throughout the year such as bike nights, poker runs, perks memberships and online silent auctions.
Regional Team Rules and Regulations
The Board of Directors is the legal authority for One Broken Biker. As a regional team member, a member acts in a position of trust for the community and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization. One Broken Biker does not support the idea of chapters, we are not a club.
  • Act with integrity and use ethical conduct as they carry out their duties
  • Use proper authority and appropriate group and individual behaviour when acting on behalf of the
  • Adhere and maintain the By-laws and policies for One Broken Biker

  • Commitments to the work of the organization
  • Support of special events
  • Support of, and participation in, fundraising events
  • Financial support the organization by holding an active annual membership
  • Assist in developing and maintaining positive relations among the Board, committees, staff members and
    community to enhance One Broken Biker Association’s mission
  • Comply with the Board of Director’s Code of Conduct as per attached “Appendix A
  • Criminal Record Check within the Last 90 days
Specific Duties:
  • Work with Sponsorship Director to help provide OBB events in your area
  • Work with Treasurer Director regarding reports for cash events
  • Work with the Board of Directors for any promotional items required to be approved
  • All letters required for donations or promotions must be written or approved by the Secretary Director
The following shall be the basis for, but not limited to, inappropriate behaviour and disciplinary measures.
  1. Wild, unsafe riding habits, especially any activity which jeopardizes the safety of others.
  2. Inappropriate or obnoxious behaviour that is detrimental to the image of the organization or any
  3. Threatening, verbal intimidating or harassment of any member or non-member.
  4. Riding or driving while potentially impaired by any substance prior to or during any event
    organized and posted by the organization.
Your Regional Team
These roles shall be available only to individuals interested in furthering the One Broken Biker’s mission and to those who have applied for and have been accepted by resolution of the Board or in such other manner as may be determined by the Board. Team members cannot sit on another board that may cause a conflict of interest. Team members cannot be family members, or in a relationship, or living in the same household.
Injury Outreach, Treasurer and Secretary are mandatory roles to have a regional team. All other roles can be held as secondary roles. Two Mandatory roles cannot be held by one person, however a mandatory and secondary role can. Secondary roles can be held as a team member’s only role. For example : The Regional Treasurer can also hold a regional membership role, but not a Regional Injury Outreach role.
Mandatory Positions:
Regional Injury Outreach
Regional Treasurer
Regional Secretary

Secondary Positions
Regional Memberships
Regional Sponsorship

Equipment you will receive:
In the beginning, you will be receiving a tablet, debit machine and a bank card. You will need to sign a contract to receive these items.

Language for bike giveaway tickets
Below is the specific statement that is to be used when giveaway tickets are published or spoken about on all social media and events. Tickets can not be mailed, if someone would like to receive their tickets, they must be present at the event. We will accept donations if they are offered.
“Bike Tickets are FREE!! You can receive up to a max of 5 free tickets per event.”

Keep your receipts and submit them to the Treasurer for reimbursement. A sample ‘Expense Report’ is provided, and we suggest that you make a couple of copies for your use and submit them at the end of every month. You can submit your expenses by scanning or taking a photo of the receipts and expense report, then emailing it to

Reporting an Injured Rider
All injured riders must be reported online using our website form. We can not help someone until this form has been submitted. If anyone comes to you requesting help, please direct them to the online form at We have a dedicated team across Canada to help injured riders, please do not promise any help that One Broken Biker cannot provide. If you have any questions regarding the help that is provided you can email our injury outreach coordinator at

Annual Meetings
Every April an annual meeting is held. This is a mandatory meeting at least one of your team members must attend. At this meeting, yearly events will be discussed please bring dates, and plans you would like to have for your team’s events for that year. The secretary will be in contact with you to advise your team when the meeting will be and location in March.
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