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Committee Roles

We have several committee Roles open, and please take a look. If they are listed here, they are still needing to be fulfilled. Onfilledsition is fulfilled, we will update it. Please email if you are interested.

1. Social Media Committee- Posting daily about OBB, self-motunderstandan understanding of social media. 

Team Members Needed 1-2

Commitment: 2 hours a week 

2. Injured Rider Videoing - This is a new process, and we are looking at doing this via zoom or in person. You need to be able to edit videos using adobe and taught but need to hand in computer skills. You will be working with Ashlee and Amanda in this process and training. 

Commitment: 4-10 hours a week 

3. Events Coordinator   - Work with our events coordinator to help prepare for brainstorming ideas, bike rides, mini fundraisers, bike games, lunches for members, etc. 

Commitment: 1 hour a week 


4. Sponsorship Committee - to work with the Sponsorship director to gather sponsorships across Canada, 

Commitment: 2 hours a week 


5. Fundraising Committee - Working with Sponsorship and event coordinator to create fundraising ideas.

Commitment: 2 hours a week 


6. Bike Night Volunteers - Monthly volunteer to help work bike nights. (same week every month) 

Commitment: 4 hours per shift

7. Recording Secretary - (not a board position) Attend board meetings and take proper minutes of discussion in the meeting ( working with the elected Secretary)

Commitment: 3 -4 hours a month 


Board Of Directors 

Board Member Responsibility is as follows.

  • 1-year minimum Board experience 

  • Need to be comfortable talking on a mic (script provided)

  • Roughly 7 to 15 hours a month commitment 

  • Working 2-3 events a month during the riding season (1 ride event, one bike night and one board meeting)

  • A passion for helping people

  • Team player 

  • Organized


Positions Available 

  1. The position fulfilled- Treasurer - 1-year minimum experience with bookkeeping or treasurer experience required. 

  2. Regional Team Director - Organizing our Regional Team. Direct contact for our regional teams outside Calgary (Lethbridge, Saskatchewan and Edmonton. 

  3. The position fulfilled-Sponsorship Director - Need to be an outgoing and cold call or walk into companies and explain what One Broken Biker is, ask for donations and look for sponsorship.

  4. Secretary Director - To keep an up-to-date list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of the committee and board members of the OBB organization. Writing the minutes and creating monthly task lists from meetings—yearly filing and keeping all documents secured and up-to-date.

  5. Volunteer Director - Filling the volunteer positions needed for each event, contacting members to find more volunteers, participating in our bike night events and scheduling fundraising events.

  6. Events Director - Work with Stacey and create and develop our year Calgary events. 

If any of these positions interest you, please reach out to

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